Expert Consumer and Sensory Research Helps You Uncover Key Insights

Move product decisions forward with expert insight and confidence

At Covance, we understand that reliable sensory guidance and insightful consumer feedback is vital to the success of your product development program. Leverage the experience and expertise from two of the top product development research companies – the National Food Laboratory (NFL) and Food Perspectives, Inc. (FPI) – as they join together as part of Covance Food Solutions. Together, our experienced team is ready to apply its deep, real-world expertise in both sensory science and consumer insights to your project to help you better understand your target audience, optimize your opportunities in the marketplace or re-energize your current product line.

Our full-service team of experts will work with you to:

  • Design research methods using quantitative, qualitative and blended testing techniques that fit your unique business challenge.
  • Execute consumer research tests that yield reliable, accurate and believable results.
  • Evaluate consumer and product data, and interpret the results to produce clear and actionable insights

We are passionate about using consumer research to deliver actionable solutions that answer your most challenging product questions. Let’s collaborate to develop and execute the most effective consumer product research and testing methods in the business by forward by starting the conversation today.