Sensory Evaluation

Eurofins Food Integrity & Innovation is among the industry’s leading experts in providing all types of objective sensory evaluation.

Your Needs

Utilize our services to evaluate the taste, smell, appearance and texture of your products to guide your decision making. Utilizing our highly trained sensory panelists and the most rigorous testing and reporting procedures, we work with you as a partner to ensure your success.

Our Capabilities

Covance offers over 40 trained panelists with years of experience to help you guide product development, optimization, quality assurance and reformulation. Let’s build your brand with sensory excellence, using state-of-the-art techniques:

  • Descriptive Analysis
  • Narrative Descriptive
  • Degree of Difference Testing
  • Shelf Life Testing
  • Product Landscape ®
  • Discrimination Testing
  • Terminology Training
  • Sensory Specification Development