Protect your brand with an expert partner that will give you the confidence that your valuable product is safe and high-quality before it reaches the market. For 80+ years, companies have relied on our scientists for industry-leading nutrient, contaminant, and microbiological analytical solutions. Partner with a third-party laboratory with widespread experience, harmonized methods plus unparalleled passion and quality.

Eurofins Food Integrity & Innovation differentiates itself from other laboratories by having industry-leading experts guiding the analytical testing of your product. When you have a result that you did not expect, our expert team is there to guide you through the investigation as well as find a solution. This will ensure that you have the trust and confidence that the result you are getting is the right result.

In addition to our analytical and microbiological expertise we have continued to expand our breadth of services to offer solutions from concept to consumer. Utilize our product and process design services to continue innovation on your products and meet ever-changing consumer demands.

Trust matters. An independent study recently named Eurofins Food Integrity & Innovation as the most trusted US-based nutritional chemistry laboratory.

Scientific and Industry Expertise

Benefit from the deep knowledge and global insights that make our team a frequent industry resource. By partnering with an industry-leading laboratory you are at the forefront of industry discussions in the constantly changing regulatory landscape:

  • FDA referee laboratory to resolve disputes
  • AOAC and USP leaders
  • Active participation in AHPA and UNPA committees
  • Memberships in National Hemp Association and the Hemp Industry Association

Product Safety

Contaminants and Toxins

Eurofins Food Integrity & Innovation has taken cutting-edge methodology and applied it to specialty screens for the pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents and mycotoxins. These screens focus on the contaminants and toxins that are the greatest risk for hemp products. Guarantee the safety of your product while meeting regulatory requirements.


Eurofins Food Integrity & Innovation offers multiple methodology platforms to ensure that the most appropriate method is being run on your product. With a large portfolio of microbiological services and technical expertise, you can feel confident that the product you release to the market is safe.

Stability and Shelf-Life Evaluation

Ensure label compliance and quality for your supplement or food product with a Customized Stability and Shelf-Life program. We help you meet consumer expectations and regulatory requirements. Ensure that the quality and safety parameters of your product are consistent throughout its life-cycle.

Product Integrity

Potency Testing

Confirm levels of cannabinoids in your product using our Potency Screen which targets 12 significant cannabinoids. Have confidence that your product meets regulatory requirements and verify the levels in your proprietary blend of hemp oils.

Product and Process Design

Innovation and product development are the heart of your business. Utilize Eurofins Food Integrity & Innovation's team of product and process design specialists to help bring cutting-edge new product concepts to life and to market.